Let’s talk about Antioxidants. What are they, and how do they help our skin stay youthful?

Oranges, and other citrus fruits are extracted for vitamin C and added to natural anti-aging skincare.

Debunking Ingredients

As we all know, antioxidant is a buzz word for marketing. Who really knows how this group of ingredients improve the look and texture of our skin? First things first. Here at The Green Kiss, before we bring in any product to sell, we dig deep into the ingredients of each product to ensure they’re 100% natural and safe to put on our skin. Synthetic antioxidants cause more harm than good in our bodies.

What are Antioxidants?

The definition of antioxidant is a compound that inhibits oxidation. You know when you cut an apple and it starts to turn brown? That is oxidation. A common fix is to add fresh lemon juice to slow browning... lemon juice is full of vitamin C... which is a potent antioxidant - cool hey?! Now imagine that on a cellular level and how these ingredients are helping our skin. 

Antioxidants are compounds that delay or stop damage to cells. They are essentially the “clean up crew” of cells. They protect the skin from free radicals, which occur when we are out living our best, busy lives. 

What are free radicals?

Our bodies produce them when we expose ourselves to environmental stresses. For example, the big shining sun!

They are molecules that are missing an essential electron. They go through the body looking for their missing electron, finding it in healthy cells. Once they get the electrons they need, they leave the healthy cells damaged, causing them to age. Another term for this is oxidative stress, which is prolonged damage caused by free radicals.  

How Antioxidants Keep our Skin Healthy

An effective way to protect our skin from free radicals, is by applying antioxidant rich products directly onto our skin. Below are 4 of our favourite products to support skin that has been affected by free radicals, and reduce further damage.

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Rich Tinted Day Cream SPC 30

1. Sun Damage

The sun makes up 80% of skin damage. Applying sunscreen daily is the best way to reduce damage caused by the sun. We encourage you to look for sunscreen products that have a blend of chemical-free sunscreen such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide and a powerful blend of antioxidants. We love Josh Rosebrook's Tinted Nutrient Day Cream for everyday use as it has a potent blend of plant derived antioxidants and vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals.

Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner

2. Skin Firming & Anti-Aging

When it comes to firming and plumping aging skin types, antioxidants are powerhouses. It's never too late to start using antioxidant based skincare. They can help tone the skin at any age. One of our favourite antioxidants for this is Coenzyme Q-10. It naturally evens and plumps skin. Indie Lee's COQ-10 Toner is the perfect toner to add into your skin regime to absorb all the benefits of this antioxidant.

3. Scar Reduction

When we think of scar reduction we think Vitamin C! This antioxidant packs a serious punch for lightening dark spots, scars and sun damage. It's our go-to for anyone looking for that one product to make a big difference in their current routine. We love Viva Organics Bio Brightening C Serum as it has one of the highest percentages of Vitamin C on the market and smells like a creamsicle thanks to mandarin oil.

4. Anti-Inflammation

Inflammation is a major factor that causes skin to look less than optimal. Redness, excess puffiness and dryness are some of the main causes of skin irritation. Green Tea contains ECGC, one of the best antioxidants to combat inflammation. It increases circulation and calms the skin. 100% Pure's Green Tea ECGC Concentrate Serum is perfect to soothe irritated skin. This serum also supplies the skin with essential moisture, and contains brightening properties.