The Green Kiss Story

A letter from Founder & Owner, Megan Johns:Megan Johns

I believe in real beauty, in being genuine, authentic and in being of service. I believe that the personal care products that people apply to their bodies, should not contain ingredients that are known to be linked to health concerns. And most of all, I believe ignorance is not bliss. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt that I was meant to do something that would make a difference. Many of you can relate to this I am sure, and for me, this desire has been ever-present in my mind: Save lives as a doctor? No, I’m too squeamish. Run a non-profit and positively impact communities around the globe? Well, that’s still on the list… 

On my quest to discover what ‘making a difference’ was going to look like for me, I started working at my family’s small chain of eco-clothing stores here on the West Coast of Canada. I learned how to do business in a better way, and that a consumer’s strongest voice is in their wallet. I became educated in social responsibility, fair trade practices, and learned the ins-and-outs of how horrible the fast-fashion industry is to the environment and humans (the workers) around the world. I developed a passion for the environment and most importantly, in the well being of people. 

Five years into working for the family business, I read a book that changed the course of my life. Actually, I read the first chapter and then never read the rest. The book was called ‘The Virtuous Consumer’, and chapter one was about the beauty industry. The ugly side of it. The ingredients in beauty products, their link to health concerns, the studies done, and the reality that products that did not contain these harmful ingredients were not easy to find. I knew before that chapter was even done that I had found what I had been searching for. It was that cliche ‘Aha’ moment I had been praying for. Help change the beauty industry. That is what I was supposed to do. 

Environmentally, these ingredients needed to be stopped being washed down our drains and into our ecosystems, but what was really tugging at my heart strings, was the fact that the majority of the women in developed countries are applying products that, (unknowingly to them), are burdening their bodies. Something HAD to be done. But it needed to be done in a smart, classy, chic, yet authentic way. 

I bought a big ol’ notebook, purchased all of the books on the subject I could find, and then ended up spending 3 years researching, sifting through the green washing, and planning what The Green Kiss would look like. From day one, I wanted to start small, but think big. As a one woman show (I had to, I had NO money), I would work hard, I would attract the right people to grow the business, and I would grow at a manageable rate so that it wouldn’t all cave in on me. I dove into this business headfirst based on a gut feeling that it would turn out. And it has, bringing us to where we are today. The Green Kiss has grown from a team of 1 to a team of 5 passionate, caring, genuine women, all working together towards that collective goal: A Healthy Beauty Revolution. 

One may think that selling makeup doesn’t really amount to making the kind of difference that I originally was once after. And I can tell you, after 5 years into this, they would be very wrong. 

As I type this, I am overwhelmed with emotion as this movement towards healthier beauty is one VERY much larger than just our team here at The Green Kiss. There are countless brands and businesses building their communities to fight our collective fight, and myself, and our team, are privileged and grateful to be a part of this community. There is a lot to still be done, but we are all doing our part.

As a little girl, I would get lifted up onto the bathroom counter to lovingly watch my (then) single mom apply ‘her makeups’ in between her daytime job as a teacher and her night-time work as a waitress. Perhaps that’s where my work ethic comes from. It was one of my favourite things to do. Talking about that now with our customers, I realize that many of them have similar memories and it makes me realize just how much the ritual of beauty is involved in our lives as women. Now, at 30 years old, I get to watch as our ‘makeups’ are applied to our clients. Our team applies and/or consults both in store and online everyday. That’s the fun part of our team’s job. But the REAL thing that we get to do, is make a difference in the health of others. 

December 2016 brings us 5 years in business here at The Green Kiss. This new site has been a dream of mine since I put the finishing touches on our first one. The Green Kiss has ‘grown up’ and I couldn’t be more proud of our team for making this happen. I am excited to see what the future holds for us on this journey, and I thank you each, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of it.

With love, gratitude and of course,  sealed with a green kiss,



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