Our Commitment

Our commitment to you as curators and developers of healthy beauty products, is one that we take incredibly serious. This is why we only choose products that are truly the safest and most effective on the market today. A product merely being new or popular is never reason enough to be a new arrival at The Green Kiss. Each addition must prove to be effective, safe, long-wearing, and be ethically manufactured by brands we trust.

You are a conscious consumer, but the journey to healthy cosmetics can be a confusing one. New products are constantly being released while older products are being revamped and reformulated. Our commitment is to be ahead of the curve, reviewing and testing products in real life applications to ensure we are selling not only the safest and most effective beauty products, but also the widest variety of shades and colours.

For these reasons, The Green Kiss has developed arguably the strictest buying guidelines in the industry. We are proud of this fact. The list of ingredients that we do not allow in our products is far too long to list here. However, you can rest assured that our curated selection of products are always free of suspected and known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, synthetic preservatives linked to health concerns, harsh ingredients that are known to irritate the skin, and animal testing.

We take the ‘norm’ for the green beauty industry buying guidelines, and then we go further. What do we mean by that? We do not carry anything with synthetic fragrance, synthetic FD&C dyes, cyclic silicones, or any questionable synthetic preservatives. This means that those grey area ingredients like synthetic lake dyes, and artificial fragrance are never found in our products.

It’s your health, so if there is any question at all, we don’t bring it in.

You will find no scare tactics or high-and-mighty green beauty jargon or fads here. Just honest information that is delivered in a fun and relatable way, providing you with the best information in green beauty.

So whether you are new to cleaner cosmetics, or you are a tried and true label reader, we are so glad you’re here!

The Green Kiss Six

1. Safe + Natural Ingredients. All ingredients must be deemed safe from our research at the current time. Please note that research is ongoing for most ingredients out there, and we are constantly keeping our research up to date with new developments.

2. Results. All of the natural beauty products and organic cosmetics that we stock must be effective. To make sure of this, our professional makeup artists test each product before stocking them at The Green Kiss.

3. No Animal Testing. None of the products we carry are tested on animals. As well, with the exception of a handful of products that include beeswax, honey, silk, or DMAE, our selection of products currently sits at about 95% vegan.

4. Social Responsibility. All products must be manufactured following fair and just practices.

5. Environmentally Friendly Packaging. We always look for suppliers who support environmentally friendly packaging choices. These responsible choices include limiting their use of plastic, choosing packaging that is biodegradable and/or recyclable.

6. Formulas that are biodegradable or degradable. Part of what goes onto your skin ends up getting washed down the drain during your next shower. So it is important to us that all of the products we stock are biodegradable or degradable to protect our local ecosystems and wildlife.