Our Team

Megan Johns

Megan Johns - Founder & CEO 


Megan's interest and experience with natural products started in 2004 when she began working for her family's chain of organic clothing stores in beautiful British Columbia. It was this experience that taught her the importance of doing business in a 'better way'. She learned that a consumer's strongest voice can often be found in the power of their own wallet, and that creating her own values based business was truly her life's passion and calling. After reading the book 'The Virtuous Consumer' and subsequently 'Not Just A Pretty Face', she became hungry for change in the beauty industry. Marrying her love of 'girly' with her love of healthy products, and after years of planning, product testing and research, Megan launched The Green Kiss in December of 2011. Her vision is to continue creating a space, both online and in store, where smart, genuine and authentic women come together to effortlessly make the switch to effective natural beauty. 


Megan is also half of the Canadian Country duo, 'The County Line'. Singing, songwriting, recording and performing have become her nightly scene with The County Line's debut EP set to be released in 2017. When there’s downtime from both passions, you can find her undoubtedly spending time with her husband, family, and two chiweenie pups: Chompers and Daisy.


Carly Flint

Carly Flint - Lead MUA/Lead Beauty Realist & Creative Director


Carly’s mom would tell you that she was born wearing makeup. And her four older sisters would tell you that their makeup was stolen. For as far as she can remember, makeup has been a part of her life, so it was no surprise when she began playing her profession at 22 over a counter at MAC. After four years of working counters and receiving professional training with the top cosmetic brands, she decided to go out on her own, which lead her to team up with the ladies at Ma-luxe Studios Inc. There Carly spent four years on a whirlwind adventure creating bridal + beauty + fashion editorials, fashion shows, events, web content, branding, social media, as well as traveling the world for weddings, editorials and music videos. All of this work, experience and crazy hours had Carly craving simplicity. Most recently she has found a home for all of her passions with The Green Kiss. It’s here that she has found a way to apply her knowledge, give back and create amazing connections helping people create positive change and a healthier lifestyle.


When she’s not at the counter, painting faces, testing products or creating content at The Green Kiss, you will find her tucked away in her happy home, enjoying life with her husband Sam, daughter Georgia, and their Mini Bulldog Penny.


Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor - Beauty Realist/Social Media Manager


Lauren’s interest for wellness and consumer education began while studying at Carleton University. Her passion for consumer education and ‘voting with your dollar,’ was realized when holding the external VP Position on Carleton’s Fair Trade society. Being immersed in Fair Trade practices propelled her to look at how businesses structure themselves and how they can positively impact consumers. 


An avid vegetarian, Lauren first looked to green beauty to avoid animal testing, not realizing the toxic ingredients still found in some vegan products. It wasn’t until she was hired at The Green Kiss and started researching ingredients that she made the connection between non-toxic products and overall health. Communicating with customers and managing social media campaigns have utilized interpersonal skills that Lauren seeks to constantly improve. Lauren believes working at The Green Kiss truly embodies all the areas of health and wellness that she is passionate about, animal rights, sustainability, education and not to mention the amazing feeling of helping other women #maketheswitch to a healthier lifestyle.  


Tiffany Dunning

Tiffany Dunning - Executive Assistant 


Tiffany has always been a self-professed “health junky” when it comes to nutrition and exercise, but it wasn’t until she moved to Victoria and started working at The Green Kiss that her eyes were opened to the world of green beauty. After diving into the products, she noticed a drastic improvement in her skin, specifically from breakouts, and immediately decided to #maketheswitch to cleaner beauty.


As a Registered Acupuncturist in Victoria, BC, Tiffany has always focused on the importance of healing the body, regularly addressing various health complaints by encouraging people to be proactive with treatments, diet, and exercise.  Her work with The Green Kiss has strengthened her practice allowing her to also focus on what goes on the body. This holistic approach to healthy living has allowed her to partner with her patients on their journey towards reaching their optimal health. 


Tiff, as she is affectionately called, is instrumental in a lot of behind the scenes work supporting the business in a variety of ways to keep it running smoothly. Outside of office hours, you’ll find her hiking, kayaking, and practicing yoga. 



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