Whether you're celebrating Valentine's with a partner, friends, or our personal favourite - yourself!, embrace love season with these dreamy Cupid-approved delights. From drawing a frothy bath and lighting a decadent candle to donning the reddest of red long-last nourishing lipstick, we have you covered for a cozy night in or a glam night out. 


Set The Mood With A Candle 

This natural, vegan soy wax candle from Vancouver-born MIFA has a fragrant blend of cardamom, vetiver, and cedarwood that rivals the scent of any Valentine's Day floral arrangement. Warm, cozy, woodsy, the natural ingredients in this candle won't cause stinging eyes or an itchy nose ... not the vibe we're going for.

A natural soy wax candle that uses essential oils to create a warm, deep scent with notes of Cardamom and Cedarwood.

Bathe Like A Queen

Cleopatra was rumoured to bathe in honey, giving her skin a luminous glow. My Daughter Fragrances has bottled this essence with the most nourishing honey bath soak for a beautiful therapeutic addition to your bath ritual. With exfoliating properties, this soak will leave your skin baby soft, silky and even-toned. Completely free of synthetic fragrance, this bath elixir has a warm fragrance and will drench your skin in moisture. Follow up with an all-over oil or a decadent body butter.
A delicious bath elixir that will gently exfoliate and nourish, softening skin from head to toe.

Add Pleasure Without The Nasties

This completely non-toxic sex gel from Wyld is designed to increase pleasure without harsh ingredients. It's pH-balanced and free of fragrance and synthetic ingredients, making it an excellent choice for easily irritated bodies, especially in the most sensitive of areas. Water-based, it plays well with latex condoms and silicone sex toys. Use whenever the mood strikes, alone or with a partner.
A completely non-toxic sex gel from Wyld.

Nighty Night

Following your evening skincare routine, make bedtime a little more luxurious with a satin pillowcase from Innersense Organic Beauty. A satin snooze elevates your skin and hair game by softening and de-frizzing hair and optimizing skincare absorption while you sleep (unlike a cotton pillowcase that will sponge up your skincare products). Sleep tight.


Go Glam for VDay Date Night 

Sensual, velvety soft skin starts with a high-performance clean skincare routine. Once you've completed the steps for bouncy hydrated skin, it's time for a light layer of primer that quickly absorbs into the skin (brownie points if it includes SPF!), blurring out pores and smoothing the skin's surface before makeup application. Now for the fun part. For Valentine's, we've chosen the Better Naked palette. A lids-to-cheeks natural shadow palette pigmented with antioxidant-rich fruit from 100% Pure. Elevate your look with a classic, bold red lip. We've chosen this innovative lip colour for its anti-aging, super-moisturizing ingredients like pomegranate oil and shea butter for a petal-soft pout that keeps lips soft and supple. And it's naturally coloured with antioxidant-rich fruit pigments! Apply over a lip balm for added hydration, and add this red lip liner to enhance your pout and ensure your lipstick doesn't bleed for a longer-wear finish. Pucker up! 💋 

Natural, super moisturizing, vegan lipsticks that are long-lasting and pigmented with fruit.

Spritz A Natural Perfume

One more step before you're out the door. Natural perfumes from My Daughter Fragrances combine French formulation traditions from Grasse and ancient aromatherapy methods. This long-wear perfume is phthalate and paraben-free, an excellent choice for those sensitive to more synthetic, widely available scents. Always Loved is our pic for Valentine's. Pair with your favourite cashmere sweater and red lipstick (see above). For a travel-friendly aroma, pack the spritzer. 

GK ProTip💦
For long-lasting fragrance, apply to your pulse points - inside of your wrists, inner elbows, below your belly button, behind your ear lobes, and behind the knees - these spots emanate heat, which helps your fragrance release into the air. And spritz, don't rub. 
A natural perfume formulated with essential oils, absolutes and resins that is phthalate and paraben-free.

The Final Say

The countdown to Valentine's Day is on, and we're here to ensure you include self-love this holiday and indulge in a little beauty therapy. Not sure what to get your special someone? Send A Virtual Kiss with a Green Kiss gift card directly to their inbox. Or, ask a GK Educator - they're pros at finding the perfect gift. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 
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Be Mine - a Valentine's Day Gift Guide from The Green Kiss