Contributor: Lauren Taylor - GK Beauty Realist & Social Media Manager 

As a life-long sufferer of pesky hormonal breakouts, when I find products that work, I want to shout it from the roof tops and tell EVERY woman I know so that they can reap the benefits of the massive trial and error process that has taken place on my face. 

Being a guinea pig has it's perks, but it can be seriously exhausting. So, when I find products that TRULY work, it's a god send. After having this launch as a new product at The Green Kiss, and then soon after having a particularly pesky breakout (you know the hormonal monthly kind), I decided to throw this new natural toner from 100 Percent Pure into my routine. Game. Changer. I was immediately left with a calmer complexion and have truly fallen in love with it's potent (yet calming) herbal blend of tea tree, witch hazel and rosemary.

So, here's the skinny on this Tea Tree & Willow Clarifying Astringent:

1. What It Is: A clarifying and antibacterial toner for acneic skin types from 100 Percent Pure.

2. Who It's Designed For: Customers anywhere from about 13 years of age +, who are looking for an effective but gentle toner that will aid in improving skin texture and minimizing breakouts.

3. What It Actually Does: This beauty works by using a gentle blend of witch hazel, tea tree, and willow bark extract, with the latter being a natural form of salicyclic acid. This combo chills out breakouts and purifies the skin. It seriously packs a punch with this blend and delivers acne fighting ingredients that are naturally derived without leaving skin parched and in worse shape.

100 Percent Pure Tea Tree And Willow Toner Canada

4. When To Use It: This is an "in-between step," product. This means you apply it with a cotton pad right after you cleanse and before you use a serum or moisturizer. I love pairing this one with Viva's Hyaluronic Acid Serum and 100% Pure's NEW Hydra Drench Cream  as it creates that perfect balance between treating the acne, yet still hydrating and moisturizing the skin. 

5. What It Feels Like: A silky watery toner that is seriously cooling. 

6. What It Smells Like: Tea tree, witch hazel, and rosemary!

7. What The Packaging Is Like: This product is in a frosted glass jar with a pump top.

8. Skin Types To Use It: Anyone who's oily, acne-prone, or has texture.

9. Skin Types NOT To Use It: Any dry skin types should steer clear of this product.

10. Why We Added It To Our Curated Selection: We couldn't stop ourselves from carrying 100 Percent Pure's entire new skincare line and this gem is an absolute WINNER in that mix. We were missing that perfect astringent like toner that could act like a treatment and soothing agent in one. 

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