100 Percent Pure Seaweed Detox Bath Salts Canada

Contributor: Megan Johns - Green Kiss Founder & Owner 

It's February 6th 2018 and well, we are right smack DAB in our cold and flu season here on the west coast of Canada. Over the years, I have discovered which preventive measures and/or home remedies seem to work with me and my system the best. At the top of that list, are two absolute musts that treat the inside AND outside of the body:

1. Internally? - Oil of Oregano.
2. Externally? - Our Seaweed Detox Bath from 100 Percent Pure. 

So let's talk about oil of oregano first. Some people swear by Vitamin C, others swear by Cold-FX, I swear by an oil that makes me smell like spaghetti. If I were to be honest, oil of oregano is something that I used to think of as a little 'woo'. Like is the science really there for it, or is this strong smelling oil just a placebo? BUT, with the results that I have experienced with it, over and over again, there is no doubt in my mind that it works! (for me). Plus, my mum swears by it too, and mum’s can’t be wrong ;).

Oil of Oregano has become my holy grail for making sure that I do not get completely wiped out by a cold. Certain symptoms may still come on and linger a bit, but NOTHING like how they would have been if I didn't take this stuff. And for anyone that knows me, they know that I really don't have the time nor patience to get sick lol. So, here is my routine that REALLY works for me with this product:

1. At the FIRST sign of any symptoms, I take oil of oregano two to three times a day. I keep a bottle of it at home, a bottle of it at my desk at the store, and often (at this time of year) a bottle of it in my purse so that IF I am feeling run down and like I have something coming on, I can take it as SOON as the first symptoms start hitting me (and so that I don't forget to take it when I get home). 

2. Some people hate the taste. I don't mind it. My trick to that, is to first take a BIG gulp of apple juice (or water). I keep it in my mouth, tilt my head back, drop the oil of oregano directly into the juice or water, and THEN swallow it. This tactic allows for the taste to not be too strong. It kinda creates a barrier between the oregano oil and your mouth, yet you can still feel the 'burn' of the oregano a bit when it goes down (Personally, I like that, because mentally I feel like it is working).

3. I find that I take it about 2-3 times a day for about 2-3 days in a row, and then voila ---> The cold either doesn't actually come on, as I have stopped it in it’s tracks OR I get a VERY very mild version of the common cold, allowing me to keep living my life, and having the energy to do what I love! 

The oil of oregano that I usually purchase, is this one from Natural Factors. 

Now, we talk a lot about internal and external health here at The Green Kiss, and preventing or fighting off a cold or flu certainly calls for a health boost for both.

Externally, our entire team can not get enough of 100 Percent Pure's Seaweed Detox Bath. So much so, that I did some insta-stories on it last night where I showcased that our beauty bar tester here always seems to mysteriously dwindle down ;). In all seriousness though, this product is amazing as both a preventative measure AND as a remedy. Also, if you are just looking for a relaxing bath, it is wonderful for that too! 

Here's the scoop:

100 Percent Pure Detox Bath Salts Canada

1. What It Is: Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Salts From 100 Percent Pure. 

2. Who It's Designed For: Men and women who feel aches and pains, nasal congestion, any signs of the common cold or flu coming on, who HAVE a cold or flu, who are looking for a product or bath to warm them up, or who are just wanting a relaxing bath product (sooo…kinda everyone lol!).

3. What It Actually Does: Made with organic ginger root, seaweed, dandelion, eucalyptus (heavy in that), tea tree, and rosemary, these bath salts increase circulation, draw out toxins, decongest the nasal passages, and stimulate lymphatic drainage to remove heavy metals and other impurities.
4. When To Use It: When you feel like you are getting sick, when you have body aches, when you are congested, or when you really just want to sink into a bath that will leave you feeling so much better.

5. What It Feels Like: Tingly. Your body (more internally than on the skin) will feel tingly when using this product. It will feel like your body will be tingly and almost ‘chilled’ and then as you sit in the bath, will warm up from the inside out. You can literally feel this product working. It’s wonderful. If you want less of that feeling, use less. If you like that feeling, use a good heaping handful in the bath.

6. What It Smells Like: Eucalyptus (big time!).

7. What The Packaging Is Like: A glass jar with a twist off plastic cap.

8. Skin Types To Use It: Not for use on the face (I wouldn’t dunk your face into the bath with this product in the bath water as it is STRONG in Eucalyptus) but as far as the body, this product will work with any skin types. However, those with broken skin on their bodies may want to avoid this product. 

9. Skin Types NOT To Use It: Little baby skin. Kids should not use this product, as it most likely will be MUCH too strong for them. We would recommend this being used on adults only, or teens 16+

10. Why We Added It To Our Curated Selection: Because it really works! This has worked to help me prevent colds and flus, and it has worked WONDERS for me when I have had a cold or flu and have had to make it to a commitment. I will never forget one of the first times I ever used this product. It was after being sick for days and days with pneumonia, and I had a show with The County Line that I could not cancel. I sat in a bath with this product for about an hour, sipped on a single shot of scotch, and was able to pull myself together to perform later that night.

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