Our #RealBeauty series continues to shine a spotlight on the incredible women we get to work and play with everyday here in our beautiful home of Victoria. You know those women who seem to look incredibly put together and glamorous everyday? Well, those two things describe our next feature who is the beautiful Dana Hutchings! Dana came to us after a serious health scare put her in the hospital due to none other than the makeup she was using everyday. This led her not only #maketheswitch but also become a green beauty advocate along with being a force to be reckoned with and a badass mama.

Your name and a little bit about yourself
My name is Dana. I'm a west coast girl who is incredibly fortunate to work every day for a non-profit organization called Power To Be.  I am also a Mom to an amazing boy.

How would you describe your lifestyle? 
Active, outdoor, fast-paced, glamorous, laughter-filled and fun! 

How does the beauty industry play a role in your daily life? 
It's always played a role in my adult life. When I was a TV Journalist, it was about being professional and polished. Now, I enjoy playing, experimenting with new green products, and that has even lead to my own natural beauty column in NICHE Magazine. 

Do you remember what age you started wearing makeup? 
I remember buying CoverGirl clear lipstick in grade 5 and hiding in the cloakroom with my friend putting it on like it was contraband!  That was just the beginning. 

How was makeup/ skincare introduced to you? 
My Mum bought me the Clinique 3 step care set when I was thirteen  - soap, clarifying lotion and moisturizer.  She taught me well,  I have always taken care of my skin, it's always been important to me. My Grandmother always impressed upon me the importance of moisturizing my décolletage and my hands and those are where, she believed, you showed your age.  She did well, living until 97 and looked great!    

What makes you feel beautiful? 
Laughing.  True, full-body laughter that makes me smile.  My son does that for me, so do my friends and family.  

How do you view the beauty industry today? 
Conformist but there has been a shift to celebratory, I just hope that can spread to be even more mainstream.  Understanding that beauty is our own uniqueness.  “Our imperfections make us perfect” I have a Covet + Keep ring from fellow Real Beauty participant Elea that reiterates that statement. Inclusion is Beautiful. Acceptance is Beautiful. Beauty comes from Inside.  

When it comes to the positive healthy changes in your life today have you ever thought about how your beauty products could be affecting you in a harmful way? 
I got a sudden wake-up call when my body reacted to my makeup and skin care, which I had been using for years.  Almost overnight, it rejected the toxins I had been applying to my face and body.  I got sore inflamed blistered eyes and lips. My coming to the realization that my beauty regime wasn't so beautiful for me. 

What do you think holds you back the most from making the switch to cleaner cosmetics?
Absolutely nothing!  I have embraced it in a real and true way and I am learning every day what's out there.  I think, too, my work with Power To Be has made me understand the impact of these toxins and chemicals on the environment.  It isn't just what we are putting on our skin, it's what we are putting out there altogether.  That said, I don't think for a minute I know everything, converting to clean and natural products is a process and I am constantly learning, (and advocating!).

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