OUR BIG NEWS - After 7 years in business, growing solely by word of mouth referrals out of our Itty Bitty 64 square foot beauty bar, we are spreading our wings and MOVING The Green Kiss to a FULL STORE at Uptown Shopping Centre in Victoria BC. We are OPENING MARCH 2019 in the same unit that our Pop Up Shop was in. We are taking the month to really make it our own, and we are SO excited to rip the paper off and welcome you into our new space this Spring.

Megan Johns at The Green Kiss

There will be free parking, we will finally have space for NEW LINES, we will be launching new services, AND… when there is a line up in the store, the line up will finally fit IN the store AND you will have the space to browse without knocking something over with your purse. (lol this happens every day right now - yikes.)


The Green Kiss | Coming To Uptown Victoria March 2019

For those of you who shop with us online, what you may not know is this: For 7 years, our entire operation has been run out of a 8 x 8 foot beauty bar within The Good Planet Company, an eco lifestyle store in downtown Victoria. It's TINY. Yes, even our online orders have been fulfilled out of there! And for about 2 years now, we have realized that it is about time to spread our wings. We will do some posts later this month to show you what we mean in regards to the size of the current space. You will find it super interesting. Everyone always does (we've got some stories!).


The Green Kiss Downtown Victoria BC


Downtown Loves: Yes, our downtown beauty bar will be closing on February 28th, as running two locations just does not make sense for us. So if Uptown is not on your way home from work (or is not convenient for you) we will be offering DOWNTOWN IN STORE PICKUP, carrying on our beautiful relationship with The Good Planet Company. And with that said, let me segway to something really important here…

This business would not be what it is, without The Good Planet Company. I used to work for my uncle, and he taught me that life truly is all about relationships. It’s true that there is power in who you know. But it's not just who you know. It's who you trust, respect and honestly...love really. And it's those typs of nurtured relationships that enrich our lives. Both personally AND in business. My uncle’s business is how I met Ian and Alain, the two fellas who started The Good Planet Company. They became my mentors. They helped me navigate getting into the government’s self employment program. They offered me part time work as I worked on my business plan, and they THEN came to me with a proposal to have me open a bricks and mortar location while I started the business online. The ‘beauty bar’ was designed to be there for 1-2 years. But as time went on, it just always made sense to stay.


The Green Kiss and The Good Planet Company

So here we are 7 years later, and it is with bittersweet feelings that we are moving on. But as Britt (manager of The Good Planet Co) said to me this week as I was getting sentimental: if you aren’t growing, then you’re stagnant. So although it feels very strange for me to leave downtown, I know in my heart and gut that this is the right move.

Lastly, because I am an overly heart driven human, and because I have this innate pull to always be as real as possible, I can't just post this up and say OH MY GOSH LOOK AT US WE ARE OPENING A STORE, ITS ALL SHINY AND FLASHY LOOK AT WHAT WE'VE ACCOMPLISHED, without speaking from the heart, as to what this means. As to what it has taken. So I will be sharing a bit about the story of how this business has gotten to this point, and bits of my personal journey, in a blog post next week. I did have it all attached here, but man it was long. And rather rambly. I am sure it will be some good therapy for me to write that out and edit it in the middle of measurements, building walls and IKEA allen keys next week lol. And I know there will be pieces that fellow entrepreneurs can learn from or relate to as well. Mainly, I just feel the pull to share it as no accomplishment you see from any entrepreneur comes without sacrifice and hard work. And it feel wrong not to address that. 

With an immense amount of love, and excitement for the future -