Green Beauty Gift Guide For Him


Do you have a sneaky man in your house that loves to steal your moisturizer? We seem to have all had an experience with this. You know - those times where the levels of your coveted products have mysteriously started to get lower and lower, and boyfriends, husbands or brothers end up being the culprits?! A personal favourite of mine (Lauren) was when my Josh Rosebrook shampoo was being used as a body wash...that's a BIG no touchy.

So below is a list of our "guy approved," favourites. They are sure to not only work effectively, but they will get your man off of conventional products filled with nasties! Annnndddd ladies, purchasing one of these babies for their stockings means that YOU can steal a sneaky use of THEIR Green Kiss products now too! ;) 


Kaia Naturals Booster Bar


1. Kaia Naturals Deodorant Booster Bar: Calling all active lifestyle guys on your list! This deodorant bar works to enhance the power of natural deodorant by using a blend of activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar. This bar is great for after workouts and leaves "stinky," areas fresh and clean.


Woodlot Wildwoods


2Woodlot Wildwoods Soap: This bar contains bamboo charcoal, known to clean and draw toxins from pores. Lightly-scented with pure essential oils of vanilla, orange, cedarwood, fir, pine and eucalyptus, this handmade soap contains ingredients like coconut, avocado, and olive oil to leave your skin nourished while cleansing. 


100% Pure Tea Tree Cleanser


3. Tea Tree and Willow Clarifying Cleanser: Anti-bacterial tea tree and willow washes away excess oil, makeup, toxins and bacteria that can clog pores and cause breakouts. Skin is left gently cleanser and not stripped with a blend of detoxifying herbs for a soothed refreshed complexion.


Josh Rosebrook Ethereal


4. Ethereal Botanical Fragrance: Designed to be a unisex fragrance, this intoxicating blend by Josh Rosebrook has the right mix of musky and woodsy scents. A little goes a long way and lingers for days due to the unique formulation and high concentration of quality essential oils. 


Viva Concentrated Serum


5. Viva Concentrated Serum: This ultra-high-potency natural serum helps reduce sunspots, scars, fine lines, and even deep wrinkles as skin quickly become firmer and more radiant. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and organic compounds, the Concentrated Antioxidant Serum feeds your skin with the nutrients it needs to regenerate and repair.


100% Pure Eucalyptus Shower Gel


6. Eucalyptus Shower Gel: This richly lathering and hydrating natural body wash refreshes and soothes the skin while gently cleansing your body. The formula includes therapeutic herbs, rose hydrosol, green tea, and seaweed that leaves your skin healthy and nourished.


Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo


7. Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo: We love this line for men as it gently cleanses and is rich enough to not warrant conditioner. We've even had numerous men have success with growing back areas that have thinned as well! Aloe vera, gentle natural cleansers, and advanced herbal infusions work together in the formula to create a unique synergy to cleanse impurities and balance overly sebaceous scalp conditions.


CV Skinlabs Repair Balm


8. CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm: This balm is perfect for cuts, scrapes, scars and severely dry cracked hands. This award-winning, all natural balm is a true cure-all, helping to heal the most chapped and irritated skin...perfect for the man who could use some easy peasy TLC.


100% Pure Mint Lip Balm


9. Organic Mint Lip Balm: Everyone needs a good basic lip balm especially throughout the cold winter months. This all-natural balm from 100 Percent Pure moisturizes and softens with a light mint scent.


Kaia Naturals Detox Lime Deodorant


10. Kaia Naturals Charcoal Deodorant: This is the first bamboo charcoal deodorant stick inspired by Japanese secret for odor control and detoxification. Using active charcoal and essential oil blends this deodorant works to detoxify the body and repel odor. We love the fresh lime mint scent!


Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream




11. Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream: It's time to ditch the dippity-doo and cheap hair gels. Right!? Being that they often won't buy it for themselves (we know...we are generalizing here but it is often true!), here is your chance to actually get them converted! This styling cream from Josh Rosebrook is the perfect blend of medium hold and shine. This multi-use hair styling product defines and holds the hair for a modern look that is polished, yet not overdone. For short hair, this styling cream creates height, separation, and texture with a weightless finish.