Oh Canadaaaaa!! We are dang PROUD to be Canadian, and are feeling even more patriotic than usual this weekend due to our country's big ol' birthday bash happening this July 1st! There is no better time than Canada Day to showcase our love for the land of the 'strong and free', and no better time to give you some insight on our FAVOURITE Canadian Green Beauty Brands! And ladies....they ALL have females owning and operating them. 


1. Sappho New Paradigm

This Vancouver based brand, since opening day at GK, has been one of our best-sellers for a variety of reasons. The products contain only clean and non-toxic ingredients that out-preform the big players. The owner and founder, Jo Ann Fowler, is an Emmy nominated makeup artist for her work on 'The L Word', and is a woman who is quickly propelling the Canadian green beauty scene into the spotlight. This line is completely vegan and consciously curated resulting in some of our absolute favourite makeup staples.


2. Helena Lane

Based in Squamish B.C., Helena Lane has quickly become our go-to for sensitive skin girlies looking for natural organic skin care options close to home. Made in her home in Squamish each of Helena Lane's products are carefully blended and formulated to use plant power to support the skin's natural healing processes. 


3. Kaia Naturals

 image: Kaia Naturals

Charcoal deodorant? Hello! Kaia hails from the big T.O. and has brought the ancient Japanese method of using charcoal as a natural detoxifier into the deodorant scene. After being a product developer and beauty industry executive, owner Mary turned to solving the gaps in the green beauty market.


4. Lippy Girl


Owner Darcy is a working mama from Vancouver B.C.. During her second pregnancy, Darcey extended her already vast knowledge of personal health into the beauty world and began questioning what she was putting on her body not just in it. From there, she married her love for science (a former high school science teacher) with her love for beauty, and Lippy Girl was born! Vegan, and earth friendly lippies from right across the pond. 


5. My Daughter Fragrances


To savour simple joys and seek thoughtful beauty are two of My Daughter's Fragrances biggest values. No phthalates, parabens or colourants reside in these beautifully formulated perfumes from Alberta, Canada.


6. Viva Organics


One of our favourite lines for anti-aging, Viva Organics has a cult following of numerous products (psst their Amaze exfoliating gel will change your life). Based in Richmond B.C., this business is Canadian owned and operated by a husband and wife team and their family. 


7. Wild Hill


 About as local as you can get to us here in Victoria, this Vancouver Island based line comes right from our backyard in Sooke. Owned by husband-wife team, Teague and Sarah, these two harvest the local flora of the west coast and turn it into pure skin-loving magic.


8. Woodlot
Woodlot Canada


Another of our sweet Canadian-based beauties, Woodlot candles, soaps and recently skincare is full of natural ingredients that are also incredibly luxurious. With stunning packaging and attention to detail, this line blends the beauty of design with the best of the best formulation methods.


9. Wyld Skincare 
Wyld Skin Care Canada


This Canadian company has harnessed the power of all natural konjac sponges and made them available nation-wide. Entirely non-toxic, pure and high performing, we love these little guys to smooth texture and take off the day's makeup.