To know us is to know how seriously passionate we are about protecting our skin from harmful UV exposure. But we also crave the benefits of that healthy sun-kissed glow - defined and contoured facial features, even skin tone and a brighter, more radiant complexion. So we were tickled pink (err, bronze) to discover a natural and safe workaround to achieving that gorgeous "did you go on vacation?" skin. Enter Sunna Tan (aka - liquid gold), a Canadian skincare company passionate about creating products with clean and functional ingredients: their tanners don't contain synthetic bronzers (which is precisely how they passed Green Kiss' strict buying guideline, BTW), and they smell deliciously citrusy without that infamous chemically self-tan aroma. The line was born from the frustration with the harsh chemicals in conventional self-tanning products that faded poorly, left the skin blotchy, and led to flare-ups and irritation. Sunna Tan is skincare first and flawless tan second. Step aside, Oompa Loompa tans! SunnaTan is the industry glow-up we were waiting for. Here's how to use it at home to get professional-looking results.

 Woman holding Sunna Tan Face Tan Water tanning spray sold at The Green Kiss

The Best Natural Self-Tanner For The Face

Sometimes, the stars align, and we find a multi-tasking skincare product that unequivocally outperforms its peers. We're talking about the Sunna Tan Face Water. It contains hero ingredients like hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, and red maple extract that moisturize and nourish the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and supple. It will leave your skin with a warm and subtle faux glow and support a hydrated, even skin tone with no sticky residue. 

Here's how to use it:

  • For best results, exfoliate your face prior to use.
  • Mist the Face Tan Water directly on your face and blend it with our fluffy Gold Blending BrushOR mist onto the brush first, then apply it to the face (remember the neck and ears!)
  • Alternatively, you can spritz directly onto your face and press into the face using your hands. Wash hands thoroughly after application. 
  • When incorporating into your skincare routine, cleanse and tone, then apply the Face Tan Water. Allow it to dry, then finish with your natural skincare routine
  • Wait 6-8 hours after application before washing your face to ensure enough development time.
  • Apply as needed daily until your desired colour is achieved.
  • Using it twice weekly will maintain results, or add a few drops to your daily natural face moisturizer or facial SPF to nourish and hydrate skin while giving it an instant summery glow. Avoid over-saturation of product on the hairline when applying & blending, as tan buildup can occur.

The Best Natural Self-Tanner For The Body

Sunna Tan has two natural offerings for the body: a hydrating self-tanning lotion and a high-performance sunless tanning mousse. It's here you may ask: what even is the difference between a tanning lotion and a tanning mousse? Buckle up! Your GK Educators know the diff! 

SunnaTan's Hydrate Me Gradual Tanning Lotion is a gradual, natural tanning lotion that gives you a subtle, warm glow while supporting all-over skin health. Its effervescent, sun-kissed effect is ideal for light and medium skin tones. It's our pick for achieving (and maintaining) a hydrated, nuanced colour. Bonus: it's super nourishing and gentle for dry, sensitive and more mature skin types.

For expert results, here's how you apply the tanning lotion:

  • Before you apply, ensure your skin is clean and dry. 
  • Use circular motions and ensure even application all over your body.
  • This lotion has no guide colour (bronzer), so ensure even application and avoid over-application on drier areas such as knees, elbows, hands, and feet.
  • Allow lotion to be fully absorbed before getting dressed.
  • Leave on the skin for a minimum of 8 hours before showering off with water.
  • Use daily or as required to reach your desired glow.
  • Pro Tip: For best results, use a tanning mitt to apply and exfoliate skin weekly. (If not using a tanning mitt, wash your hands with beyond-thorough enthusiasm.)

Woman holding Sunna Tan Colour Me Dark Express Tanning Mousse, sold at The Green Kiss

Self-tanners contain the same active ingredient, but that doesn't mean they all hold the same percentage. Generally speaking, the higher the percentage of DHA (dihydroxyacetone - a unicorn beauty ingredient that is only found in one category of products and is really the only ingredient that can do what it does 🦄 - a chemical reaction in the skin that creates a darkening of the cells for a tanned look), the quicker (and deeper) the tan will develop. SunnaTan's Colour Me Dark Express Tanning Mousse is a pigment level-up from its tanning lotion sister. It's a light, fluffy mousse that packs a punch when looking to achieve a deep and effortless faux glow. It allows you to choose your shower time based on your skin type & how tanned you want to be: (3 hours = light, 6 hours = medium, 8+ hours = dark). It's the choose-your-own-adventure of sunless tanning that's super easy to blend and leaves an ultra-natural-looking bronzed pick-me-up.

Here's how to apply it like a pro:

  • Prep your skin: Start by exfoliating your skin to remove any dead skin cells and create a smooth surface for the self-tanner. Focus on areas like elbows, knees, and ankles that tend to be drier (between tans, treat these areas with a restorative balm.) 
  • Before you apply, ensure your skin is clean and dry. 
  • Less is more! Use 1-2 pumps per body part & application.
  • Apply more as needed until the desired colour result is achieved. Use a sunless tanning mitt for an even smoother application!
  • You will have instant colour due to the bronzer (👋🏼 we see you, organic caramel) that acts as a guide colour to help you apply evenly.
  • Once in the shower, do a quick rinse and do not use any soap or body wash. The bronzer washes off, and your skin will continue to tan & develop up to 24 hours after you've applied the product. 
  • Apply your favourite natural body lotion after showering. 
  • This mousse allows you to choose your shower time based on your skin type & how tanned you want to be: 3 hours = light, 6 hours = medium, 8+ hours = dark. If you are looking for a deeper tan, apply a second layer the next day, leave the mousse on longe or apply more next time.
  • Be sure to wash your palms after application if not using a tanning mitt. 

A vegan blending brush from Sunna Tan to buff out imperfections and build-up that may occur during a sunless tanner application.

The Best Natural Self-Tanner Tools

Preparation is key, and having the right tanning accessories is essential to achieving a natural streak/blotch-free self-tan. These user-friendly self-tanning accessories are here to make your life so much easier (and your hands less ... orange). 

Exfoliating Mitt

Remove pesky dead skin or leftover tan from your previous application so your skin is as soft as can be and ready to take on the faux glow you're chasing. Sunna Tan's Buff Me Exfoliating Mitt sloughs off dead skin for assiduous exfoliation, leaving the perfect base for your natural self-tanner. We recommend exfoliating once per week and always prior to a sunless tan. (Not into tanning? This mitt is still for you! - especially in winter to help with dry skin and keratosis pilaris).

Tanning Mitt

Flawless tan 🤝 tanning mitt. An absolute staple to your self-tan routine, Sunna Tan's Tan Me Sunless Tanning Application Mitt effortlessly achieves a summer glow all year round. This natural, soft, reusable self-tanning mitt features a plush texture that effortlessly glides across the skin, helping to prevent streaks and keeping palms clean. You can use both sides of the durable, washable luxe mitt for quick, even applications—resulting in a natural-looking warm finish—easy-peasy.

Contour Blending Brush

Our last must-have self-tan accessory is Sunna Tan's Gold Blending Brush! This brush allows you to complete your sunless tanning experience by blending out imperfections and streaks, leaving you with an undetectable application and an easy airbrushed finish. Oh, and did we mention that it's also vegan and cruelty-free? (Pssst. ALL of our brushes are.)

Our Takeaway

Sunburns, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer are all serious consequences of UV exposure. Using a natural sunless tanner is a safe alternative to achieving a tan without the associated risks. Advancements in natural sunless tanning formulas provide an even and natural-looking tan, giving you a sun-kissed natural glow all year. To deliver a flawless glow and avoid unnatural streaks and blotches, incorporate self-tanning tools. If you have questions about incorporating this clean self-tanner from SunnaTan into your natural skincare routine, contact your knowledgeable Green Kiss Educator to get glowing🌟. It's shine time.

All copy found on The Green Kiss website is written for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.