Mask + Acne= Maskne

Maskne is this year’s hot topic in the skincare and natural beauty world as masks are now mandatory in most public areas. Whether you choose to wear a disposable or reusable option, masks have brought on a host of skincare issues for many of our customers, no matter what their skin type. For many of us, (especially those who don’t or can’t work from home) we are masked up for a large portion of the day in a variety of different environments. Having a few blemishes is a small price to pay for feeling protected and being safe, but it’s still an ongoing reminder of the amount of bacteria, oil-build up and grime that is being locked in and then sitting on top of our skin. Due to many of our customers and team members starting to struggle with bumps, white heads and increased skin texture in the areas that are covered in a mask, we set out to find the best mask cover material and also the practices that can help keep maskne at bay.  


What exactly is maskne?

What this new term boils down to is acne caused by wearing a face mask. It usually pops up around the chin, neck and cheek areas but can even be around the ears and nose too! 


What are the biggest causes of a maskne breakout?

The technical term for maskne is acne mechanica. This means that it is largely caused by friction, pressure and rubbing, along with excess heat and sweat. This type of acne is usually associated with areas that are consistency rubbed and thus form humid breeding grounds for bacteria and steam. 

What can actually make a difference to avoid maskne?

1. Mask Up With the Plume Face Mask: First things first…you have to find the right mask. We’ve already received loads of positive reviews for this mask from Plume Cosmetics as it is lightweight, breathable and made of an antibacterial fabric. It uses copper ion fabric on the innermost layer of the mask, so the skin is soothed through it's proven antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The antibacterial rate of the mask was even tested, and after 50 washes the fabric is still over 70% effective! The outer layer of the mask is also water-proof so droplets cannot seep through. It’s stretchy and has adjustable ear straps that don’t tug or pull on the back of your ears which is an added bonus. Another integral point to consider is to regularly wash your mask. If you are continually putting on a dirty mask that has been used multiple times you are going to increase the chances of build up and bacteria production on your face.

2. Refresh with a Kaia Naturals Wipe: Giving your face a quick little wipe halfway through the day can make a big difference when looking to keep breakouts at bay. The key here is to cleanse the face but also assist it in retaining enough moisture that the skin is not left parched. Dehydrated skin is one of the biggest culprits of unnecessary breakouts so this balancing act is one of the most integral areas to consider. We love using one of Kaia Natural’s oil-based cleansing wipes as they are soaked in oil and don’t leave skin dry after use. They also come in individual packs and are biodegradable so you can pop one in your bag and throw out easily after giving your face a wipe. They are formulated with multivitamins and plant oils and are completely alcohol free too! 

3. Wash Your Face When You Get Home: Gently cleansing the skin when you get home with non-irritating cleanser can make a big difference when looking to keep skin balanced and build-up free. We want skin to breath as much as possible especially after it’s been cooped up in a mask all day so consider going make-up free as soon as you get home. We love using a foaming cleanser at the end of the day to completely get any residual makeup or spf products off the face along with getting that clean feeling. One of our go-to’s is the Fitglow Cloud Ceramide Cleanser as it restore’s the skin’s lipid levels and is deeply soothing and softening. We love using this cleanser with Fitglow’s cleansing brush too for that extra little boost of cleansing power. Made in Japan from vegan bristles these brushes can take your face care ritual to the next level. 

4. Create a Hydration Barrier: A big thing that many of us forget when we are battling acne breakouts is the necessity for a moisture barrier, especially when your mask is causing a breakout! By using a cream to form a protective barrier on the face it will cut down on the irritation and friction caused by daily mask wearing. We suggest something like Indie Lee’s Daily Skin Nutrition as it is a great option for acne-prone skin types as it calms and soothes redness. This moisturizer is from Indie Lee’s sensitive skin line and it’s great for anyone who struggles with red undertones in their skin or struggles with occasional flare ups.  

5. Use a Targeted Acne Fighter: Regularly using a targeted acne product can really help calm and soothe breakouts, along with assisting the healing process. Using acne products that are formulated using natural ingredients and specifically a naturally derived salicylic acid are a big step up from your conventional drug store brands. When looking at using a blemish product to target maskne breakouts it can give your skin a little extra boost to cut the lifespan of the blemish down and also assist with creating a barrier. Indie Lee makes some potent but completely clean targeted acne products that seriously work wonders. To target maskne, and quickly heal breakouts, take a peek at their options below: 

    Banish Stick: This clear liquid blemish stick is perfect for under makeup or under your mask for all day long clarification. Deeply purifying and easy to apply with a stick applicator. 
    Overnight Banish Gel: This beauty is perfect for wearing overnight and addressing larger areas that are struggling with breakouts. With a nourishing formulation this product won’t overly dry or strip skin so it gets back to it’s balanced state as soon as possible. 
    Banish Solution: This is a cult favourite with our customer base here at GK! With two layers (the clear fluid being Salicylic acid and then the second being made of pink clay) this product is our go-to to fully zap as zit. To be used at night and never shaken this product really works to reduce inflammation and puffiness.

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