Josh Rosebrook Herbal Infusion Oil

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What it is: A unique 3-in-1 natural herbal cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer that is gentle enough for any skin type, as well as a 2 in 1 Men's Shaving oil and aftershave product.

Why you'll love it: The Herbal Infusion Oil by Josh Rosebrook is a standout product boasting 3 dynamic uses: a cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer. Gentle for all skin types yet effective enough to remove all makeup without much effort. Thanks to the plant power of Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Sesame Oil just to name a few, this all in one product helps clear skin of toxins, balance oil and reduce inflammation, all the while restoring balance, moisture and overall health to the skin. Popular at The Green Kiss for men to use while shaving, as it helps prevent ingrown hairs and also acts like an aftershave after the oil and hair is removed with a warm wash cloth. Nourished, slightly 'oiled' skin remainsm acting like a protective moisture barrier. Available in three different sizes!

Made in USA | Product Size: 3 options. See Drop Down Menu.  


Ingredients: *Olive Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Grape Seed Oil, *Sesame Oil, *Apricot Oil, *Almond Oil, *Calendula, *Slippery Elm, *Marshmallow Root, *Bilberry, *Neem, *Alfalfa, *Skullcap, *Fennel, *Chickweed, *Ginkgo, *Hawthorn Berry, *Green Tea, **Rosewood Essential Oil, **Damask Rose Essential Oil, **Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

*Certified Organic

How to Apply:

For effective results, follow these tips from our team of green beauty experts:

  • As a cleanser/makeup remover, simply apply a small amount to face. 
  • Remove gently with a soft, dry cloth.
  • As a treatment/moisturizer, apply a small amount evenly to face/neck. 

sealed with a green kiss ~ Megan & Team GK

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The BEST moisturizing oil ever!