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What it is: A Vancouver Island harvested cedar smudge stick with dried wildflowers.

Why you’ll love it: What began during Covid as a means to unplug from technology and reconnect with their spiritual side, three young sisters Ella, Mak & Kali (of Metis heritage) have found themselves with a blossoming local artisan-based business. With some help from their Mum, they offer handcrafted smudge sticks to help cleanse your space, drive out negative energies and restore balance. Inspired by their indigenous roots, Smudge Sisters was created to share the natural healing abilities that the sacred act of smudging offers. The girls take great pride while crafting their smudge sticks. Each is one of a kind and individually handcrafted with the purest of intentions from their home to yours!

Smudge sticks may be accompanied by a feather, to help disperse the smoke in your smudging ritual. 

How They're Made: From The Smudge Sisters:  "Cedar is considered one of the four sacred medicines; therefore, we gather in small batches from an old-growth forest off the West Coast of British Columbia. We do so by following a traditional manner that respects and honours our indigenous roots. Before gathering, we offer gifts of tobacco and a prayer to our Creator, for her medicines which we use in crafting smudge sticks. We also grow our own organic lavender, sage, rose, and wildflowers. Whenever possible we source directly from our own backyard.

Once we have gathered our cedar it takes anywhere from 3-4 weeks (sometimes longer) as part of the drying process before we are ready to begin our second stage, which is gathering our flowers and preparing them to incorporate together with our Cedar. Each one is then hand-wrapped by one of us as we add our Lavender, Rose, Wildflowers, or a combination of any of these using organic cotton or natural jute twine. Once finished, we then add our labelling which includes a basic guide to smudging. Lastly and most importantly, we perform our own smudging as we cleanse each batch prior to shipping. They are individually handcrafted by one of us with the purest of intentions from our home to yours!"

Thank You~Wela’lin~Maarsii
The Smudge Sisters
Ella, Mak & Kali


Ingredients: Dried cedar leaves, dried wildflowers, wound with twine. May also be paired with a feather to help disperse the smoke while you are smudging. 

How to Use:

A Guide to Smudging From The Smudge Sisters:

Smudging—the act of burning herbs or 'medicines' to cleanse one's energy or space of negativity has become a common practice these days, however, it should always be performed with the utmost respect. While there are many ways and variations on how a smudging ceremony can be performed, each culture has its own unique rituals, so please keep in mind that the information provided is only a general guide, and does not reflect all the complexities and variations that are found among the many different Spiritual, First Nations or Indigenous Peoples.

With that said, let's begin!

First and foremost, there is no wrong way to perform a smudge, the most important thing is that you smudge with the purest of intentions. Be prepared, take a few moments and consider what it is that you are trying to accomplish, and set your mantra or simple affirmation.

For example, if you are smudging your home to cleanse and remove negative energy you may want to recite one of the following:

“I let go and release what no longer serves me”

“Surround this space and everyone in it with positive energy and white light”

"I clear this space of any negative energy so that I may live my highest good'

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, before you begin to smudge, try to focus on positive and uplifting thoughts.

Once you've cleared your mind and decided on your mantra you will need to gather the following:

🌿Your Smudge Stick or Sage Bundle
🌿Match or Candle (we prefer a candle as it makes re-lighting easier throughout the process)
🌿Feather (or you may use your hand to help disperse the smoke)
🌿Small Glass / or clay Bowl (or large shell, this will help catch any burning ambers)
🌿Salt or Sand (to help extinguish your Smudge Stick)

1. Place the salt or sand in the bottom of your glass bowl, open a few windows and doors allowing the smoke and negative energy to easily escape.

2. Light your smudge stick at a 45-degree angle over your flameproof bowl until a small flame has caught, and allow to burn for a few seconds, while holding your smudge stick over the bowl gently blow on the flame until it goes out. The cedar will smoulder and you'll see orange ambers as the smoke appears, now you are ready to begin. Remember that it’s the smoke that does the work, so the smudge stick does not have to remain lit, and you may continue to gently blow the end, now and again so it continues to smoulder.

3. Walk around your home carefully using a feather or your hand to waft the smoke into all areas of your space. Include all small spaces that collect negative energy like corners, windows, and behind doors while reciting your mantra or affirmation.
Remember that the goal is to allow a light amount of smoke to move around your space -  there’s no need to create a thick cloud of smoke! You may need to relight your smudge stick several times to make it around the whole house - and that's completely fine. Simply relight it over your flameproof bowl and lightly blow it out as before, then carry on where you left off.

4. Once finished we suggest you honour the elements. You can do so by offering a few words of gratitude to our creator or whatever feels right for you as you finish.

5. Use the salt or sand inside your bowl to extinguish your smudge stick, or alternatively, you can extinguish it outside by lightly pressing the stick into the earth, then placing your smudge stick in a 'special or designated space' for future use.
NEVER leave your lit smudge stick unattended.

May you enjoy the many blessings and benefits offered by the sacred act of Smudging.

Thank You~Wela’lin~Maarsii
The Smudge Sisters

sealed with a green kiss ~ Team GK

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Tia L.
Grounding and restorative

Beautiful and grounding. I love using this to cleanse my space.
I'm really glad to be supporting this brand as well.