Viva Organics Amaze Gel

1. What It Is: A highly effective plant-based and non-abrasive exfoliant that visibly removes dead skin cells. Yes -> we said visibly!

2. Who It's Designed For: All skin types can benefit from this exfoliant as it is incredibly gentle! This exfoliant is for the girl (or guy) who feels like they have that "layer," of flakey dry skin or build up sitting on top of fresh skin underneath.

3. What It Actually Does: This exfoliating gel treats blackheads, rosacea, acne, and blocked pores while also minimizing visible age spots, scarring, and fine lines. It works to lift the top dead layer of skin and gently slough it off to reveal clearer more glowing skin underneath.

4. When To Use It: We like to say use this exfoliant every Sunday night and two times a week for the best most noticeable results. This will ensure you stay on top of any dry skin and product build up too!

5. What It Feels Like: A soft cool gel consistency. There are no visible beads, and of course no microbeads in any of our Green Kiss products.

6. What It Smells Like: This beauty has a light citrus scent!

7. What The Packaging Is Like: A beautiful opaque glass jar houses this exfoliant and it's topped off with a sustainable bamboo lid. It is incredibly appealing to the eye and looks lovely on the bathroom counter.

8. Skin Types To Use It: Whether you have acne, dull or dry skin, redness or even rosacea this product seriously brightens, and calms. It is good for all skin types - even the most sensitive!

9. Skin Types NOT To Use It: While all skin types can use this product - if you have incredibly irritated or broken skin we recommend not using this or ANY exfoliant in order to allow for your skin to heal and restore it's natural barrier. It's important to treat compromised skin incredibly gently before adding in any products that disrupt the skin's natural balance.

10. Why We Added It To Our Curated Selection: We were on the hunt for an exfoliant that could actually be used for those skin types that usually have to shy away from manual exfoliation. This product has quickly become a staple in not only the Viva line but our entire shop!

Viva Organics Amaze Gel

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