Let's face it, even though I am so wonderfully proud of our website and the information it offers our community and customers, we all know dang well that shopping for green beauty products online can be difficult. As the owner of this business, I am constantly asking myself how we can improve our online customer's shopping experience. In a perfect world, you would be able to teleport yourselves to our beauty bar here in Victoria BC. We'd be able to meet you, connect with you, and laugh and be silly with you all while helping you test and try these gorgeous products before buying. One of the most common conversations that I have with our team is about just this. How do we take what we do in-store and offer that experience to our customers across North America?

Enter in our Spotlight Series. This is our first step in doing just that. While we take great care in writing each and EVERY product description on our website from the heart with authenticity, accuracy, and clarity, there is only so much that can be said about each product on its page before it get's overwhelming. And side note -  seriously you guys - there is no copy and pasting around here... we take great pride in curating our selection of natural beauty products and mix our own experiences into the writing of each product description. So, here is our more in-depth look at perhaps something you have seen on our site and wanted to know more about. Our spotlight series will highlight some of our best selling products, especially the more unique ones, and will be the way that we can give you a deeper look into exactly why we have decided to stock them, what they really do, and ultimately help you decide if they are something that you should try adding into your current natural beauty routine.

To do this, we have taken the most common questions that we get asked about each product in our store, and offered up all of the answers for you!

First up is one of my current personal favourites, 100 Percent Pure's Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Ultra Riche PM Treatment.  

1. What It Is: A rich natural night cream that contains a powerhouse of multi-vitamins and antioxidants.

2. Who It's Designed For: Customers about 30 years of age +, who are looking for a thick natural night cream that has anti-aging properties 

3. What It Actually Does: Think of this like an external multivitamin for optimal skin health. Many of our customers use their day creams at night, or use a plant oil for their nighttime extra 'dose of moisture'. While that totally works and is a-ok, there often comes a time where our customers want to add in some extra nutrients into their routine. If you are ready to give your skin a multi-vitamin treatment as you sleep, then this is for you. The base of plant oils, aloe juice, and plant butters will moisturize your skin. The Vitamin C and Vitamin A in the formula will work to repair skin damage overnight, and the whole array of other nutrients such as Vitamin B5, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B3 will be like you mixed up a nutrient dense smoothie and let your skin drink it. :)

4. When To Use It: As the last step in your nighttime routine. Usually, this means you would cleanse, apply a toner, apply a serum (you don't have to but our Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Viva pairs beautifully with this product), and then apply this natural night cream. If your routine is to just cleanse and then apply a moisturizer, then that is a-ok too! 

5. What It Feels Like: This product's texture is thick and buttery. It will feel nice and rich going on and will alleviate any tightness feeling in the skin. In the morning, your skin will feel incredibly soft and moisturized.

6. What It Smells Like: Oranges!

7. What The Packaging Is Like: This product is in an opaque glass jar with a metal lid.

8. Skin Types To Use It: Normal, Dry, and surprisingly Oily too. (If you are oily than more moisture, more nutrients, and more oil can actually help balance your body's overproduction of oil).

9. Skin Types NOT To Use It: If you are prone to breakouts, get your skin balanced before adding this to your routine. 

10. Why We Added It To Our Curated Selection: We were missing that thick and rich night cream that so many women love, and the launch of this product by 100 Percent Pure answered our green beauty prayers! Plus, the ingredients list makes your skin look and feel sooooo good! 

Learn more and shop this product here. 

sealed with a green kiss...