Is anyone else's skin getting dryer and dryer by the second? Fall is a particularly good time of year to revisit and refresh your natural skincare and bodycare lineup. While the transition from summer to autumn brings a drop in temperature and humidity, causing dry, dull, itchy skin, it is possible to have dewy, glowy skin year-round. Here are our top 5 expert-approved techniques to boost your skin's natural moisture barrier and stop fall flakes before they start.  


1. Exfoliate The Face 1-3 Times A Week (... Depending On Skin Type)

Regular exfoliating is a not-so-secret industry secret that improves the overall appearance and health of your skin. Aside from the immediate glowy feedback your skin gives after a good slough, exfoliating helps to prevent clogged pores, it increases collagen production, and it improves the efficacy of your natural skin care products by enhancing absorption.

While exfoliating is critical to achieving healthy skin, it's important to listen to your body for feedback. Over-exfoliating and using multiple products that are all working to increase cell turnover can cause quite a ... graphic reaction. Your skin is an excellent communicator and will tell you when it's had enough. Our Educators recommend facial exfoliation no more than 3 times a week if you use a non-abrasive product, like our best-selling Amaze Gel, and no more than 2 times a week if you use something that is lightly abrasive, like our Acai Pulp Facial Scrub. If you have sensitive skin, please stick to once a week. If you have rosacea, make sure you choose a non-abrasive option, once a week. And lastly, if you are using a granulated facial scrub, be sure to watch the amount of pressure you are using during application. The temptation may be there to press into the skin. That's not necessary - let the product do the heavy lifting. Pressing too hard will result in scratching the skin surface, leading to an invitation for bacteria and breakouts. Don't know your skin type? You're not alone! Skincare routines should be customized to individual needs. Reach out to our team to ensure you're doing the right thing for your skin and getting the most from your products. GK Pro Tip: Pop on a sheet mask to deliver a big drink of moisture after exfoliating. Our sheet masks contain a high concentration of active ingredients, and they stay on long enough for the skin to sponge and seal in all that goodness.


2. Add Hyaluronic Acid To Your Routine 

Hydrated skin = happy skin! You've heard us spout off about Hyaluronic Acid's ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water, meaning it's Super Duper effective at binding water molecules, serving that plumped, hydrated skin. Deliver a shot of deeper hydration with a natural hyaluronic acid serum. It's like a giant drink of water for the face. It's also one of the most well-tolerated skincare ingredients available on the market, playing nicely with sensitive skin and proving safe for pregnant and nursing mamas. GK Pro Tip: Not all powerful skincare ingredients can be combined, but the effects of hyaluronic acid are strengthened when paired with Vitamin C. Zing!🍊 It's our favourite liquid gold.


3. Incorporate a Rich Facial Oil

It's common practice to switch to a rich moisturizer around this time of year, but adding a facial oil takes your moisture barrier to the next level. Now, as someone who struggles with acne, I believed for years that putting oil on my skin would only cause more work by clogging pores. This just isn't true! Our facial oils are specially formulated not to block pores (or to be non-comedogenic, if you want to get fancy), and are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to lock in moisture and protect your skin. We also tend to avoid essential oils in our facial oils - an ingredient that may sound lovely but can be quite irritating, especially if your skin is already irked. Stay ahead of dull, itchy skin with a nutrient-rich collagen-boosting oil. Packed with Vitamin A, this oil encourages new cell growth, resulting in a glowing complexion, while potent gamma-linoleic acid protects against environmental pollutants. 

Dryness occurs when your outer layer of skin fails to hold onto moisture. We know that leaving skin dehydrated makes it more susceptible to seasonal breakouts. If it's balanced skin you're after, try a hydrating, lightweight oil with a blend of clarifying oils and healthy-aging antioxidants to assist in balancing and refining the skin. When should a facial oil be applied in your skincare routine? This depends on the thickness of the oil. If it's lightweight, or if it includes any actives in the formula, it should go between your serums and your moisturizer. If it is a thicker oil, then it should be applied as the second to last step, right before your sun protectionGK Pro Tip: Our facial oils are super versatile! Once your dry skin is quenched, a non-toxic facial oil can be used to tame frizz and soften cuticles. We love a multi-use moment.


4. Never Wash Your Face With Hot Water  

This rule applies to any time of year, but we really want to drive it home during this transitional season when your skin is getting less natural moisture from the air. Avoid exposure to hot water! It inflames the skin and disrupts your natural moisture barrier. It also worsens pretty much any preexisting skin condition (read: it's not doing your rosacea, psoriasis, acne, or eczema any favours). This goes for the body as well. As good as it may feel, a hot shower strips away the skin's natural oils, leaving it dehydrated, which, in an effort to reach homeostasis, results in an overproduction of sebum (a natural protective oil). When washing your face alone, stick with lukewarm. If washing your face in the shower, be sure to turn down the temperature before exposing your face to the water stream. Make nice with room temp showers, and they will repay you with happier skin. GK Pro Tip: The drier the air, the drier your skin! One of the main culprits is low humidity. (Alcohol is another common offender - but we'll save that for another blog.) Add moisture to your environment by adding a humidifier or moisture-boosting plant to your bedroom. 


5. Do A Weekly Body Scrub

Dry, flaky skin isn't exclusive to the face; the whole body suffers. Body exfoliants provide similar benefits to facial scrubs by way of a thicker consistency and larger exfoliating granules. A clean, high-performance body scrub works as a cellulite, stretch mark, and strawberry skin treatment for the body. Once you've had a good scrub, apply your favourite natural body oil or cream to soothe skin and lock in hydration. GK Pro Tip: Turn your favourite luxurious non-toxic body wash into an exfoliating scrub with the a bath mitt, or hop on Team GK's obsession of visibly removing your dead skin cells, with this Turkish bath exfoliating mitt

Happy PSL season, Loves! 🍂☕️ Stay on top of tight, dull, itchy skin and get primed for the cold, dry months ahead with a strategic skincare regime. We'll help

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