The Smudge Sisters Gift Set


What it is: A cedar smudge stick gift set handmade on Vancouver Island from the Smudge Sisters. 

Why you’ll love it: What began during Covid as a means to unplug from technology and reconnect with their spiritual side, three young sisters Ella, Mak & Kali (of Metis heritage) have found themselves with a blossoming local artisan-based business. With some help from their Mum, they offer handcrafted smudge sticks to help cleanse your space, drive out negative energies and restore balance. Inspired by their indigenous roots, Smudge Sisters was created to share the natural healing abilities that the sacred act of smudging offers. The girls take great pride while crafting their smudge sticks. Each is one of a kind and individually handcrafted with the purest of intentions from their home to yours!

Each cedar smudge stick is individually crafted using small-batch cedar ethically collected from forests on the west coast of British Columbia. Once the cedar is gathered, it is dried for 3-4 weeks at which point it is hand wrapped and bundled with dried flowers.

This bundle includes everything you need for a smudging ritual. 

What's Included: A handcrafted cedar smudge stick wrapped with dried flowers, a stick of palo santo incense, a tea light, one-two feathers to help disperse the smoke, and a packet of pink sea salt to help extinguish the smudge stick. Please read our "How To Use" tab for information on how all of these components work together.

A Guide to Smudging: 

Smudging is the act of burning herbs or medicines to cleanse one's energy or space of negativity. This ritual has become common practice, however, should always be performed with the utmost respect. While there are many ways and variations on how smudging can be performed, each culture has its own unique rituals. So please keep in mind that all information provided is a general guide and does not reflect all complexities and variations that are found among the many different spiritual First Nations or Indigenous Peoples. 

Handmade in Canada on Vancouver Island. 


Cedar Smudge Stick: locally harvested cedar branches, dried lavender, dried rose petals, jute twine.


How to Use:

For best smudging practices, follow these tips from The Smudge Sisters:

  • Place salt in the bottom of a glass bowl, open a few windows and doors. 
  • Light the smudge stick at a 45-degree angle over the flameproof bowl until a small flame has caught and allow to burn for a few seconds.
  • Gently blow on flame until it goes out. The cedar will smolder and smoke will appear. You are ready to begin.
  • The smoke does the work so the smudge stick does not have to remain lit. If needed, gently blow the end so it continues to smolder. 
  • Walk around your home using a feather or your hand to gently waft the smoke into all areas. 
  • Relight the smudge stick if smolder goes out. 
  • Once the ritual is complete, use the salt inside your bowl to extinguish the smudge stick.
  • Never leave your lit smudge stick unattended.

sealed with a green kiss ~ Team GK

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