Real Beauty

Authentic. Honest. Genuine.

Real BeautyIt’s what The Green Kiss is all about, and because you have found yourself here, it’s probably what resonates with you too. 
If you have ever been to our Victoria BC beauty bar, chances are, you have been caught in the raw, honest, educational and yet wildly fun process of ‘making the switch’ to natural beauty. Chances are you came in skeptical. You came in not knowing if the products were really going to work for you, and not knowing if ‘making the switch’ would really change your skin or impact your life at all. And funnily enough, you probably came in a little nervous to reveal to our Beauty Realists what your current routine was because once you started to talk about it, you started to feel like you ‘should’ be doing more.
And then, chances are this happened: You relaxed in the chair a bit, settled into the process and you were made to feel comfortable. You left the store realizing that your skin didn’t feel like you had anything on it. You may have even stolen a glance in the mirror and noticed how refreshed you looked. The ‘mask’ you were used to applying, was swapped out for ingredients in your makeup that could actually heal your skin instead of harm it, allowing it to breathe. Then slowly but surely, product by product or in one hearty beauty haul, you switched over to our products. You became more aware of what to avoid in other consumer items and started to detox other areas of your personal care routine. Your skin improved. People started to notice and comment about a particular ‘glow’ about your skin. Your lifestyle improved. And it all happened through a process in which no bull shitting was involved simply to get you to buy something new. Where humility and truth was at the forefront of the conversation with our beauty realists.  And ladies, if there is one incredibly SAD reality in the beauty industry, it is that truth is not the norm. And we are here to change that.
This process, this no BS approach of honesty and celebration of real beauty, coupled with the message that in the fact you are ENOUGH (thanks Nicole Bridger for making this your campaign as it so resonates with us) is the why to the what we do every day here at our Victoria beauty bar. It’s what lights our inner spark and drives us to help make change in the industry. And it is what gets us so giddy to celebrate and honour our customer’s real beauty, every minute of every day.
The burning question has always been since we opened our doors 5 years ago: How do we capture this authenticity, this real and raw banter of knowledge and truth that happens every day and reveal the hourly celebration of real beauty that we have with our loyal in store customers, with everyone else? How do we share this intimate and personal process with likeminded women across North America? Sure we could record video tutorials, and educational pieces, and write blog posts on hundreds of different topics (and those are coming by the way), but how do we really showcase the daily interactions that light us up? What sparks joy in our customers? What makes The Green Kiss, well, The Green Kiss? And, how do we REALLY share how our customers feel once they have made the switch to green beauty? The answer we found was actually pretty simple. We bring their stories to you. And by doing so we celebrate the modern day women for who she is, what she stands for, and we honour her process in making choices towards a healthier lifestyle.
Real Beauty. Our heartfelt campaign being launched today, on International Women’s Day 2017, where we honour and celebrate the beauty of our Green Kiss community, with an emphasis on health and beauty both inside and out. From entrepreneurs to supermoms, these women are to be celebrated.
The launch of this campaign showcases just the beginning of this project of ours. When inspiration hit our team on this subject, it was Christmas. Like, five days away from Christmas. And even though we are in retail and the women in the collage featured above were all in the height of the holiday frenzy, we all stopped one mid-week afternoon, on December 20th, and we honoured each other by celebrating with a photo shoot. You will see ‘Real Beauty’ become a part of what we do on a monthly basis at The Green Kiss and we hope it becomes something you look forward to as much as we look forward to sharing it with you.
Over the following months, we will be introducing you to each of these strong, smart and beautiful women. We will be honouring each of them for their authenticity, strengths, stories, and their unique process in which they came to #maketheswitch.