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What it is: A sharp angle brush for perfect sculpted lines from Sappho New Paradigm.

Why you'll love it: This newly designed vegan angle brush from Sappho New Paradigm was created for sharper more sculpted lines. Turn any of your eye shadows into soft lines by using dry or create a sleek precise line by using wet. We also love using it to create the perfect sculpted brow. The cruelty-free hairs are made from synthetic renewable materials and are strong and easy to clean. Tested in a Canadian lab to ensure the safety of glues and paints. Vegan, completely non-toxic and cruelty-free!


Ingredients: Synthetic bristles with wooden handle.

Vegan + Cruelty-Free Hairs

Water-Based Paints

Stainless Steel Ferrules

FSC® Certified Handle

GPF Brush Hair

CCBM Handle

Makeup Artist Designed

Made in China

How to Apply:

For effective results, follow these tips from our team of healthy beauty educators:

  • Use dry shadow to line eyes for a softer look
  • Wet brush to create a more dramatic and precise line.
  • Use in a brow pomade to fill in brows with precision. 
  • Clean with mild natural soap and lay flat to dry.

sealed with a green kiss ~ Team GK

Customer Reviews

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Brittany Shipley
Great for brows for sure!

I've used this both as a powder-eyeliner brush and a brow brush, and it works great for both uses! Definitely used it way more as a brow brush though, and have found it's great at holding a lot of product and helping achieve a great shaped brow!

Sarah Lanlgey
Great for brows!

I originally bought this to apply the Sappho mascara as 'liquid eyeliner' (you must try it if you haven't. It works so well!), but the line was too thick. Now I use it with eye shadow to fill in my brows. It works perfectly for that!!

Angled brush

I use this to soften and blend eyeliner and it works great, although I don't think I could apply a super thin line with this because the brush is slightly fuller than some other angled brushes.