Sappho New Paradigm Concealer Brush

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What it is: A cruelty-free concealer brush from Sappho.

Why you’ll love it: Designed with unique flat tapered bristles, this brush easily moves product under the delicate eye area leaving a flawless finish. The cruelty-free hairs are made from synthetic renewable materials and are strong and easy to clean. Tested in a Canadian lab to ensure the safety of glues and paints. Vegan, completely non-toxic and cruelty-free!


 Ingredients: Synthetic bristles with wooden handle.

Vegan + Cruelty-Free Hairs

Water-Based Paints

Stainless Steel Ferrules

FSC® Certified Handle

GPF Brush Hair

CCBM Handle

Made in China

How to Apply:

For effective results, follow these tips from our team of green beauty experts:

  • Tap brush onto concealer to pick up the product. 
  • Gently smooth concealer under eyes.
  • Clean brush with mild soap and lay flat to dry. 

sealed with a green kiss ~ Team GK

Customer Reviews

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Brittany Shipley
It's good!

I personally would love a little bit more bristles in it than it has, but I think that it works well enough anyway! This is a nice concealer brush for sure, but I don't find that I end up using it enough to really write much more than that.