TOK Beauty It Takes Two! Magnetic Lashes - Au Naturel

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What it is: Handmade silk magnetic lashes in a natural style by TOK Beauty  

Why you’ll love it: TOK Beauty offers the highest quality magnetic lashes, handmade with silk, and featuring three magnets on each lash band to ensure the longest wear time. Created to provide a solution for the natural beauties seeking an alternative to toxic glue and damaging lash extensions, the 'It Takes Two!' Magnetic Lashes are a gorgeous way to enhance your natural beauty. So, how do they work? The 'It Takes Two' sets of lashes from TOK Beauty provide you with an "upper" lash and "bottom" lash that essentially sandwich together with your natural lash with their tiny magnets. With proper care, these lashes can be used multiple times.

We are a company that is committed to sustainability, and to providing you with the safest and most effective natural beauty products. It is imperative to us that our customers TRULY understand how to get the most value out of the products we have curated. With that said, this is the most unique product that we currently carry. So, below, you will find some really important information on these magnetic lashes. It is our way of trying to offer the same level of customer service that we do in-store, as we do for our online community here. We have tried to break it down in easy to digest segments :) 

Important To Note:  ** These lashes take lots of practice to apply and to achieve desired results. The best way we can describe this to you is by relating it to how people need to practice and get used to wearing contacts. Give yourself the same amount of patience and practice. And once you get it, applying them will turn into a quick and easy process. There is no guarantee to how many uses per pair, as it is dependant on how they are cared for, the natural oils of your skin, etc..etc. but, when cared for properly and stored neatly in their magnetic case while not in use, these sets can be used over and over again and provide a healthy (and economical) alternative to glues in strip lashes or extensions.**

Each lash set purchased comes with a free TOK lash applicator tool. 

** All lashes final sale due to sanitary reasons** 

How To Select & Apply Magnetic Lashes:

Practice makes perfect! Follow the steps below to apply your It Takes Two! Magnetic lashes, and discover what style suits you best!

1 - Choose Your Lash Style:

TOK Beauty offers two styles, and two sizes of band lengths within each style.

Au Natural - A more natural lash look

Classic - Your classic 'glammy' look. More dramatic. More volume.

2 - Choose Your Lash Band Length: 

*Lashes should be 3/4 the length of the lash line* 

Short: 2.25cm in length * Please note Au Natural only comes in one band size.

3 - How to Apply: 

1. Line the eye with eyeliner and apply a good coat of your favourite mascara to prep the eye for the lashes. This is a step we do NOT recommend skipping. 

2. Remove the "upper" magnetic lash for the desired eye and gently curve the band with the magnets facing DOWN until it matches the natural curve of the lash line. Repeat with the "bottom" magnetic lash of the same desired eye, but make sure the magnets are facing UP as you curve. 

3. How to apply WITHOUT the lash tool: While looking down into a mirror, pinch the "upper" lash of the desired eye between your thumb and index finger and gently place on TOP of the lashes, lining it up with the outer edge of the eye, and getting it as close to the base of the lashes as possible.

4. While still looking down into a mirror, pinch the "bottom" magnetic lash between your thumb and index finger, make sure the magnets and yellow dot are facing UP, and with a "scooping" motion and eyes wide open, bring the bottom lash up and under the lashes, as close to the eye as possible, and connect it to the other lash through your natural lashes. 

5. Once lashes are securely on, you can bend the inner and outer corner towards the eye to blend it into the natural lashes. 

6. Take your favourite mascara and reapply where the magnetic lashes and your natural lashes meet at the inner corner to blend 

7. How to apply WITH the lash tool: Once "upper" and "bottom" lashes have been curved, magnet both separately onto the inside of each side of the applicator tool. Look into a mirror, and bring tool towards the eye, making sure the "upper" lash is above the natural lashes and the "bottom" lash is below the natural lashes. Bring tool in until it touches the lash line and pinch together to the magnet and secure the bond of the magnetic lashes. Perform steps 5 and 6 to blend the lash. 

4 - How to Remove the It Takes Two! Magnetic Lashes: 

1. Using the thumb and index finger of both hands, place index on TOP of the lashes, on the inner and outer corners of the eye, place thumbs BELOW the lashes, on the inner and outer corners of the eye, and roll one index finger towards the other while the thumb of that hand pulls the bottom lash away from the opposite index finger. This releases the grip of the magnets and allows you to pull them away from your natural lashes.

2. Gently wipe away any mascara that had gotten on the lashes with a Clean Slate cleansing wipe, and place back into its original container for storage.

** Do not get the lashes wet as it compromises the integrity of the lash**  

For a video 'how-to', watch this!


100% handmade silk lash, magnets


How to Apply:

For effective results, follow these tips from our team of green beauty experts:

  • Practice makes perfect! Find your favourite application technique before you wear them out to that important event!
  • These are fragile, use caution when removing from your eyes and don't rip them off your lashes.
  • Store in their container for safekeeping between uses.

sealed with a green kiss ~ Megan & Team GK