Surf Soak Sea Salt & Eucalyptus 225g Bottle


 What it is: A soothing sea salt and seaweed bath from Surf Soak.

Why you'll love it: This invigorating bath soak utilizes the detoxifying properties of Canadian Sea Salt together with Canadian Seaweed to alleviate sore and tired muscles, as well as increase natural circulation. Paired with refreshing Eucalyptus, sinus congestion is relieved and the mind is cleared with the gently therapeutic smell and nature of the essential oil. Held in a glass bottle with a cork stopper. The salt and seaweed used in this formula are both hand-harvested here on Canada's west coast. Sea Salt is hand-harvested in Sooke BC, through a solar evaporation process from seawater collected from the Juan De Fuca straight and the seaweed is hand-harvested (through a pruning process, that improves the seaweed stalk health) by a marine biologist in Sooke BC. A truly locally produced product perfect for aiding in stress relief and relaxation AND the perfect gift for those wanting to share the love of all things 'west coast' Canadian. 

Made in Canada | Product Size 7.9oz/225g


Ingredients: Epsom Salt/Sel d’Epsom (Magnesium Sulphate), Dendritic Salt/Sel Dendritique (Sodium Chloride), Canadian Sea Salt/Sel de Mer Canadien (Maris Sal), Eucalyptus Essential Oil/Huile Essentielle Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus), Canadian Seaweed/Algues Canadiennes (Alaria Marginata


How to Apply:

For effective results, follow these tips from our team of green beauty experts:

  • Start by scooping a small handful into the bath.
  • Add more slowly if you would like.
  • Allow the fragrance to exude into the steam and stir the salts into the water.

sealed with a green kiss ~ Team GK