We consistently work to provide the best educational information about our curated products and ingredients, both online and in store. This is done one on one (through our #maketheswitch appointments at our Victoria BC beauty bar) and through our online social platforms. However, sometimes word and space limits just don’t do a product or specific ingredient justice.

This is exactly how we feel about Wild Hill’s limited edition Honey & Myrrh mask. Now we know what you’re thinking...honey on my face? Won’t that be a huge sticky mess? We’re here to assure you that honey is actually one of the best natural ingredients to include in your skin care routine and also one of the oldest.

Honey has been used extensively in both medical and skin-care applications for centuries (hello Cleopatra) as honey's pH is very close to human skin. Honey’s low pH creates an environment where most bacteria cannot survive. It’s on average a 3.5 on the pH scale, which is beneficial because most bacteria thrive closer to a 7.

Additionally, honey also contains a large amount of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, anti-bacterial molecules and because of its high sugar content, is incredibly hydrating. It also naturally tones and nourishes skin while helping to vitalize skin cell regeneration.

Sold yet? We have seen this ingredient benefit the skin of hundreds of customers. When looking to incorporate this wonderful ingredient into your skin care, there is one big thing to keep in mind, and that is the type of honey in the ingredients list. Wild Hill uses raw New Zealand Beechwood honey which is organic and unfiltered. This beauty is sourced from the beech forests of New Zealand's South Island, a remote and unpolluted corner of the world. “This special honey is derived from bees collecting the sap of the Beechwood tree, rather than the nectar of flowers, making this an extraordinary varietal that boasts higher antioxidant levels, higher antibacterial activity levels, higher mineral content and greater nutritional and therapeutic benefits than most flower honeys, all of which work to maintain skin elasticity and youthful appearance, (source). ”

Additionally, an added benefit of this mask is the unique blend of resins included in the formula, which have carefully been selected to be a part of this beautiful treatment. Resins promote tissue regeneration, are building blocks and are integral in supporting the anti-aging processes.

For example, the Wild Myrrh in this mask is found primarily around the Horn of Africa. The sap of the tree, Commiphora Myrrha, is harvested and used in traditional medicine in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, and China. Myrrh promotes healing of the skin at its deepest layers and has a long recorded use for slowing down the signs of aging, controlling oily skin types, and protecting the skin from damage.

Unfortunately, this beauty is limited edition, as everything Wild Hill produces is in small controlled batches with limited ingredients. This mask is truly the perfect gift for this holiday season (as it is beneficial for all skin types and is, therefore, a sure hit for your loved one) or is, of course, a great addition to your own self-care practice.

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  • Bunny: February 05, 2018
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    Thanks for the info. This mask looks AMAZING. Can’t wait to try it.

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