Green Beauty Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

If there is one 'customer type' that we know best, it's mommas! From new mom's who seek us out to find the healthiest options for themselves AND their new babes, to more mature momma's who's broods are all grown up, our team talks to mother's of all walks of life literally EVERY hour of every working day! 

Basically you guys, we're kinda experts in the world of Mother's Day gifts. Here are our top picks and best sellers:


100 Percent Pure Pink Grapefruit Body Butter


1. 100 Percent Pure Pink Grapefruit Body Butter: Scented with the invigorating and fresh scent of grapefruit essential oil this body butter is whipped to perfection. With nourishing plant oils, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-aging nutrients skin is left healthy and nourished. A common purchase for new mama's AND more mature mama's! 


Viva Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Mask


2. Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Mask: This intensely hydrating face mask with pure hyaluronic acid serum plumps the skin, and creates a more smooth appearance. It also stimulates collagen production, resulting in skin that glows. We love this sheet mask for those cozy nights in when you need some "me" time. 


 Lux et Terra Candle


3. Lux et Terra Candle: This beeswax candle is lovely for those moms who want a beautiful handmade candle but are sensitive to even natural fragrances. Completely petroleum, soy and GMO free these candles make a lovely gift as they come with a set of matches and gift pouch. No added chemical based fragrance makes these candles completely non-toxic and phthalate free as well.


100% Pure Lavender Sea Therapy Bath


4. Lavender Sea Therapy Bath: Seriously blissful! Calming scents of lavender and rosemary take this bath into the next level of self care, perfect for those long indulgent soaks that all mother's deserve. Pair with a glass of vino and you got yourself the perfect evening.


100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask


5. Bright Eyes Mask: NEW MOMMA ALERT! This is THE ideal gift for new momma's trying to look at least a bit rested after all of those sleepless nights. Bright peepers are on their way to you with these handy little under eye masks from 100 Percent Pure.


 My Daughter's Fragrances in My Wild


6. My Daughter's Fragrances in My Wild: This is for the mom who is sweet n' spicy! The newest scent from My Daughter's Fragrances is formulated with violets, pink pepper, juniper, vanilla, cedar atlas and vetiver. Comes in a purse size and full size too!


Flora Bar Soap by Woodlot


7. Flora Bar Soap by Woodlot: A unique blend of bergamot, orange, and cedarwood create an aroma reminiscent of fruit markets and flowers. This is the perfect addition beside the bathroom sink as the gentle formula softly cleanses hands along with being vegan, and luxurious.


100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette


8. Pretty Naked Palette: This beauty from 100 Percent Pure is a favourite online and in store for all our makeup junkies who want a fresh natural look. With no synthetic dyes the entire palette is pigmented with fruit and includes a luminizer and blush for cheeks plus 3 beautiful eyeshadow colours.


100 Percent Pure Lavender Hand Cream


9. 100 Percent Pure Lavender Hand Cream: We all know a good buttery hand cream can be a life saver...especially if you're a new mama who's constantly washing her hands. This buttercream formula works extremely well to soothe dry and chapped hands.


Josh Rosebrook Cacao Mask


10. Josh Rosebrook's Cacao Mask: This chocolatey delight is a cult classic and was the sole product that led to the creation of Josh Rosebrook's entire line. Cacao, known for aiding in collagen repair, works with plant and herbal infusions to also tone, firm and exfoliate the skin while keeping it hydrated.


Woodlot Flora Coconut Wax Candle


11. Flora Coconut Wax Candle from Woodlot: Flora is a blended aroma of lavender, bergamot, patchouli, and cedarwood. The formula is completely petroleum free, GMO-free and phthalate free. This candle is a welcome addition to any home wanting a little boost of light natural fragrance and who doesn't love the soft glow of candlelight.


Wild Hill Honey & Myrrh Mask


12. Wild Hill Honey & Myrrh Mask: We never say this...but this mask is amazing for ALL SKIN TYPES. This healing face mask includes natural ingredients like honey, wild myrrh, wild poplar bud oil, and copaiba essential oil that work seamlessly together to heal, hydrate and restore aging or damaged skin.